C&G readers out-buy the nation’s “Affluents”

Last month, we asked you, our readers, to tell us who you are, how you feel about the magazine and a little bit about your buying habits. We actually wanted to find out how C&G readers compare with the nation’s “affluents” from Unity Marketing’s Luxury Home Report, which we featured in January. ■ I am overwhelmed by the response—not only from your willingness to go to our website and fill out a questionnaire, but by the number of you who emailed us directly saying, “Bravo!” ■ Here is a sneak peak of what you told us: In the past 12 months, C&G read ers purchased eight times more art and antiques and nine times more home décor/fabrics/wall/window coverings than the nation’s affluents, as well as eight times more garden and outdoor products and six times more furniture. ■ Even more interesting is what you told us you were planning to buy in the next 12 months: 53 percent of respondents said kitchen appliances; 48 percent, garden/outdoor products; 45 percent, art and antiques; 44 percent, tabletop and 43 percent, furniture/lamps/ floor coverings. These numbers should make every manufacturer and retailer in the area jump for joy. ■ I am most impressed by the passion you have for the magazine, though. Seventy-two percent of you read three out of four issues and 65 percent pick the magazine up at a retail establishment—just as we intended. Imagine my surprise and delight to find out that 70 percent of you said you would be interested in home delivery of your copy of Cottages & Gardens if it were available. We are giving this a lot of thought, so stay tuned. ■ There’s a lot more. And as we continue to share our detailed findings with manufacturers and retailers, don’t hesitate to call me to discuss how these findings can help your business. ■ P.S. Keep an eye out for C&G’s Reader Panel, which I will discuss next month. To learn more, and to become a member, visit www.candgpublications.com.

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