The Long Journey

It left Shenzhen, China on March 30 and touched down on American soil on April 2 in Anchorage, Alaska via Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong; from there to Louisville, KY, Jamaica, NY, and finally Norwalk at 12:46pm on April 3. ■ I got the call during the Saturday Easter service rehearsal at the Church. “It’s here,” followed by a strangled chuckle. “Com’on home!” ■ We had been warned that packages would not be left on doorsteps and so I had enlisted a friend to wait and sign for it. I raced home, charged into the house and there it was. The iPad. ■ The perfect minimalist white package, the impossibly sleek object. It fired up instantly. I punched—no, gen- tly tapped—in, and the first page of our website never looked so good! Brilliant back-lit visuals and then a swipe of the finger revealed the next page. Oh, heaven! ■ The fact that we were at the dubious end of a recession and that I had not purchased clothes in a year was lost in my desire for this new consumer product that I had neither touched nor even seen in person. And why not? Cottages & Gardens’ Readership Survey and our Home Luxury Report from Unity Marketing had already revealed that consumers would still buy new product introductions or technology based on their experiential values and that the launching companies would get massive exposure in a down economy. Apple got all that. ■ And we’re planning that one day soon you’ll be able to access a digital edition of Connecticut Cottages & Gardens from an iPad just like mine.

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