How to put the LUX back in LUXURY

A couple of months into the the ownership of this company and I find that I am working with remarkable people who have weathered these recession years (personally and professionally). While they have been challenged in the past, they meet me every day with hope in their eyes. Hope because I represent a new beginning—and hope because the first stirrings of life after the recession promise a new definition of luxury. ■ Our business is luxury. The cleverest of architects, the ablest of builders, the savviest of designers and the shrewdest of retailers are all working to understand and embrace this new concept. For luxury is not dead, but it is dramatically changed. It focuses on substance, innovation and inspiration rather than solely on image. ■ In our January issue, we previewed the Luxury Home Report that was just published by Unity Marketing. With this as a blueprint, we are offering our marketing partners insights into their individual markets in a series of private meetings and consultations so that we may all emerge stronger and ready for this new world. ■ So how will we indulge ourselves now? Editorial director D.J. Carey says that the ultimate luxury experience is having the time to read and revel in a copy of Connecticut Cottages & Gardens. I agree! Topping my luxury list is also:

  • A gorgeous handmade, sustainable, environmentally friendly rug from Elizabeth Eakins.
  • A new LG clothes washer that uses steam and no detergent.
  • A Saturday morning spent browsing for a discounted vintage Jens Risom.
  • A visit to London’s Chelsea Flower Show to luxuriate in 11 acres of gardens. (May 25 29—still time to book!)
  • A Dooney & Bourke Barrel Bag to add to my ever-growing collection of Barrel Bags.
  • Anything from the Lindt Chocolate shop in the Stamford Mall.
    Get the picture? These are all about experience, innovation and authenticity. We all have it in our businesses—we just have to bring it out and make it meaningful to our customers. I welcome a discussion with you on this subject. Contact me any time.

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