On The Pulse

Since joining Cottages & Gardens, I have been enchanted by the passionate following that the magazine has—evidenced by the fact that we are swamped with requests to feature projects from builders, architects and designers each month. These requests are not driven by the vanity of seeing a project in print or on our website although there is that too, and why not?—rather, they’re based on the pragmatic realization that editorial in Cottages & Gardens gets an overwhelmingly positive reaction in the community. ■ Editorial in CTC&G allows featured designers to connect with affluent readers who possess the means and desire to invest in the best for their homes. Architects hear from builders who want breakthrough blueprints for their next project. And thanks to the magazine’s aspirational tone, retailers enjoy increased foot traffic in stores and “object lust” for the products we feature—both from designers and homeowners. This is our circle of influence, and it directly impacts the marketplace. ■ Our relationship with the trade is reciprocal in nature and demands excellence on both ends. We are, of course, expected to produce national-quality editorial. Therefore, design professionals realize that editorial submissions will be rigorously filtered. Whether they submit a project or object, trimming or landscape, they know to submit the absolute best in class. ■ Our recent marketing poll confirmed that a significant percentage of you are design professionals who trust the magazine for insights about the state of the industry today—what is newest and best within the design world. So in this issue, we debut our new Design Beat column (pg. 74), geared toward the trade and design professionals. It promises to be fresh, edgy and on the pulse. It will deliver the inside scoop and, from time to time, reveal juicy trade secrets. Consider it a resource.

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