Have It Your Way

Marianne Howaston, CEO Letter SFCandGIn the nine years that I have lived in Silvermine, virtually every neighbor has redone their kitchen. I know the process well: It starts off by noticing what others have done, followed by up to a year of talking and dreaming about it (what they would do and not do, what new products they have seen, what they want), and then they’re off!

Connecticut is kitchen central: Our research shows the first room that you, dear readers, plan to re-do, is the kitchen. So every January, when CTC&G Editorial Director D.J. Carey and Executive Editor Catriona Branca return from the kitchen and bath show known as KBIS (kay-biz), we are all anxious to hear the latest news. These trends and directions are kept under wraps until revealed by D.J. just days later at our annual trends in kitchens event at NuKitchens in Norwalk.

The scoop this year is that it is all about you! The best companies in the industry have spent the last year researching and talking to consumers about what you actually do with their products. While that might seem like the obvious thing to do, several of them told us they gleaned new knowledge from your habits of usage and re-engineered products to meet those needs. Personalization plus connectivity (think apps that do everything from brewing your coffee, preheating the oven, setting shower temperatures or even sending you a text when you are low on dishwasher detergent) are what’s happening in so many parts of our lives. It’s thrilling to see the kitchen and bath industry leading the charge. marianne-signature



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