Euro File


We all know that our intrepid Editor in Chief, Kendell Cronstrom, is constantly traveling to shoot the best homes in New York, from the Hamptons to the Hudson Valley. But only a few of us are aware that he has been much farther afield during the past year, “traipsing around Europe,” as my mother would have said. ■ He started with a palazzo in Venice, then shot a charming getaway in the South of France. Paris was a must, and of course London and finally Stockholm in the north. All the while, he was picking up ideas and resources to bring back to C&G’s readers as inspiration. Even though the world has shrunk to the size of the screens on our desks, everything Europe has to offer—new and old—is still a delight. ■ Packed with wonderful projects and the latest in design and technology, the special “Euro” issue of our sister publication NYC&G, as we call it around the office, will come out in December and remain on newsstands through January and February. Just in case you can’t get across the pond anytime soon, we’ll be including a special “get the look” resource directory to help you find the best Euro-style home accessories and furnishings right here in your own backyard. So if you need a Euro fix, be sure to pick up a copy. ■ I remember when I would return from traipsing around Europe in one piece, with my languages improved and a modicum of style to show for it, my mother would say with a half-smile, “I’m glad you went.” I’m sure you’ll say the same thing to Kendell, too! For more information on the European issue of NYC&G, contact me or e-mail



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