Holiday Spruce 2.0

Marianne Howaston, CEO Letter SFCandG

At this time of year,
many of us are frantically putting the finishing touches on a redecoration or sprucing things up for the holiday season. These days, whether it is a full-on redesign or last-minute accessories, how we acquire our new look has changed dramatically. Technology is reshaping our behavior and, in turn, reshaping retailing. We may see a wonderful room in this magazine (what are the chances of that?!) and try to re-create some of its elements for ourselves. This could take us to the retailer sourced in the article, so that we can touch and experience the pieces. We may leave there and buy the product online. Conversely, we may research the product online and then purchase it in store, or engage in a new activity called “showrooming”—that is, pricing a product in one store and, while still there, using a mobile device to buy it in another store! On the other hand, we may consult a decorator to take our interiors to new heights, by allowing us the opportunity to acquire treasures only available to the design trade. In San Francisco, I attended the launch of, a “virtual decorating” business. It offers you the opportunity to sign up for a room or a house makeover by designers who plan your space and tell you where to get the furnishings—they even provide a clickable shopping list. Staff and celebrity designers (such as Will Wick and Kendall Wilkinson) are available to design your project. And they never have to visit the house or even meet you! The beautiful rooms I saw boasted furnishings from sources ranging from Target to Jonathan Adler to 1stDibs. Now there’s no excuse for not being able to have a beautiful home. I am sure the next few years will deliver additional retail models with even more unique shopping experiences. Stay tuned.


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