Let’s Have A Meeting!

C&G Media Group refreshes their conference room with a stunning remodel

Marianne Howaston, CEO Letter SFCandGDesigners Charles Pavarini III and J. Randall Tarasuk stopped by our Norwalk headquarters a few months ago and noticed the sorry state of our conference room—everyday chairs, obligatory wall-mounted large-screen computer and glaring white walls (yawn). In short order, they put together a plan that reflected the bold theatricality that I love in many of their glorious projects. Now, the room is completely transformed: A giant rendering of C&G extends onto three walls, a full-length bench clad in a nubby organic French yarn from Clarence House is supported by elegant custom made Lucite legs from Plexi-Craft. The room is softly illuminated by simple yet sophisticated Studio VC sconces from Circa Lighting, which flank an oversized mirror bordered in a wide Lucite block with a gray inside edge made by the creatives at J.Pocker.

Weekly meetings have never been more popular. We love it!

C&G Media Group refreshes their conference room with an extensive remodel

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