By Popular Demand


HC&G’s presentation of the Holiday House Hamptons designer showhouse has struck a chord with the people of Sag Harbor. After a fabulously successful White Gala on opening night, the house—actually three separate residences in the luxury Watchcase complex—opened to the public on a weekly schedule. And now we’ve been asked to keep the beautifully decorated spaces open till Labor Day! This is something of a first in the showhouse business, and we are delighted and grateful that the participating decorators have agreed to keep their rooms open for the extended run. ■ Publicity for the project has been astounding, as we expected it would be, given the back story of the historic factory building and the distinguished roster of designers. Now there’s no excuse for not touring Holiday House Hamptons this summer—especially with ticket proceeds benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. It’s only a half-block walk from the center of Sag Harbor, so you can make a day of it with friends and enjoy a meal or a drink afterward at one of the many great establishments on Main Street.



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