Who AAHHR you?

Marianne Howaston, CEO Letter SFCandG

Marianne Howaston, CEO Letter SFCandG This question is usually asked of my grandson in delighted exasperation when he has done something interesting or remotely good! At C&G the question, “Who are you?” is answered on an annual basis as a result of our reader surveys. We included SFC&G readers in this survey for directional purposes only as it was fielded within our first year of publication. Magazine readership is not usually surveyed until a publication has been out for a whole year. So, while the demographic profile of our SFC&G readers is trending HC&G, significantly higher than our East Coast publications ( and NYC&G ) reflecting, no doubt, the wealth and escalating CTC&G real estate values in the San Francisco area, we will continue to present the composite profile of all four C&G titles for Bay Area readers.. While your average household income has increased by 10 percent to $1,000,521 and your average net worth by 9 percent, the average value of your primary residence has increased by 20 percent. Certainly the value of your homes is keeping pace with the growth in the nation’s top ZIP codes, and the growth in your net worth is undoubtedly due to increasing real estate values and the kind of astute financial management that I myself would love to know more about! You continue to be passionate about your homes with 82 percent planning to remodel or redecorate during the next year and 66 percent of you planning to use design professionals to help you. While many of you own two or more homes, 17 percent are planning to buy a property in the next year, and we know our iconic “Deeds & Don’ts” column aids and abets you in your ongoing passion for real estate. As you know, we keep in very close contact with you and the design professionals who enhance our lives, so that the homes we photograph and the news and insights we provide are right on target. Even more fascinating details emerged in the results of our latest survey: “The C&G Circle of Influence: A Study of Affluent Consumers.” If you would like to know more about it, do not hesitate to contact me. mh-signature

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