On the Move

Marianne Howaston, CEO Letter SFCandGThe headache of navigating around Bay Area construction today is only mitigated by the anticipation of the fine new buildings it will produce, perhaps remedying the lack of inventory lamented by all my Realtor friends in San Francisco, as well as all my other friends who are looking for somewhere to live!

We at C&G Media Group are about to release the results of our biennial Real Estate Survey. It turns out that 50 percent of you, dear readers, plan to buy a house in the next two years, and 32 percent of you plan to buy a primary residence now (in the next year). That’s a lot of movement—and typical of the reasons many of you read SFC&G—because you are buying, selling, building and decorating houses.

Sixty-seven percent of you read our hugely popular “Deeds & Don’ts” column “because it gives coverage on a variety of homes on the market and their value.” And then more than half of you take action on what you have read. In May, a spectacular (and sustainable) Mill Valley home designed by the award-winning firm Zack | de Vito Architecture was a highlighted “Property of Note” on cottagesgardens.com. The one-month advertising listing garnered a whopping 1,200 referrals for Pacific Union | Christie’s International Real Estate. Happy buying and selling! If you would like to see more of the survey—which includes where you love to buy second homes—please contact me.CEO-Compositemh-signature



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